Tailwheel and Back Country Training

Mountain Strips in the Cascades are Open!

Your Tailwheel Specialist
New to conventional-gear aircraft?  Looking to master the tailwheel airplane? Looking for a fun and rewarding way to complete a flight review? Learn the skills necessary to competently fly a tailwheel aircraft.  Based at Auburn Municipal Airport, CubFlying.com is your source for expert tailwheel instruction.

Set a course for adventure with a day or overnight trip to some of the most beautiful back country airstrips in the World - right here in Washington State with a Back Country Adventure.
Why choose Us?
  1. Weather
    The Seattle area offers pleasant summer flying and challenging opportunities to master light to moderate winds in the winter.
  2. Availability
    CubFlying.com is full-time, flight training business with 7-day a week scheduling.
  3. Experience
    With our dedication to flight education, each student is treated as a unique client with an individually tailored training program.
  1. Training tailwheel pilots since 2006, CubFlying.com is my full-time occupation and I am committed to your success as an aviator.
    Daryl Hickman
    Daryl Hickman
    Owner / Flight Instructor