1. Flight Review in a Tailwheel Aircraft
    You Do Not Need to Hold or Earn a Tailwheel Endorsement to Receive a Flight Review (i) If your certificate indicates Airplane, Single-engine Land, you can complete your flight review in a tailwheel aircraft; (ii) You must complete the minimum one hour of ground and one hour of flight instruction; (iii) If you've been out of flying or haven't kept up to speed with regulatory changes, you may need more than the minimums. Why not challenge yourself to a new experience? Many clients that visit us for a flight review fall in love with the romance of tailwheel flying and grass runways. We have access to several grass runways within a 10 mile radius of Auburn Airport. Learn how docile the stall characteristics of the Cub can be and plant your wheels in some scenic and challenging strips.
Why choose Us?
  1. Weather
    Seasonal relocation between Washington and Florida that offers year-round training possibilities.
  2. Availability
    CubFlying.com is full-time, flight training business with 7-day a week scheduling.
  3. Experience
    With our dedication to flight education, each student is treated as a unique client with an individually tailored training program.