1. Flight Review in a Tailwheel Aircraft
    You Do Not Need to Hold or Earn a Tailwheel Endorsement to Receive a Flight Review (i) If your certificate indicates Airplane, Single-engine Land, you can complete your flight review in a tailwheel aircraft; (ii) You must complete the minimum one hour of ground and one hour of flight instruction; (iii) If you've been out of flying or haven't kept up to speed with regulatory changes, you may need more than the minimums. Why not challenge yourself to a new experience? Many clients that visit us for a flight review fall in love with the romance of tailwheel flying and grass runways. We have access to several grass runways within a 10 mile radius of Auburn Airport. Learn how docile the stall characteristics of the Cub can be and plant your wheels in some scenic and challenging strips in Southeast King County.
  1. Initial Tailwheel Training and Endorsement
    FAR 61.31(i) Requires proficiency in: (i) Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings; (ii) Wheel landings; and (iii) Go-around procedures. During your training, you will experience a variety of airport environments. We have access to many privately-owned, grass runways that are ideal for initial training in a conventional-gear aircraft. You will train on both three-point and wheel landings and develop the decision-making skills to determine which option provides the optimal outcome given the conditions presented.
  2. Advanced Tailwheel Training and Back Country Experiences (Back Country offered May-September)
    Expanding your experience base will allow you to tackle more challenging environmental factors, from landing geography to weather phenomena. We offer two standard packages or we can customize an adventure to meet your needs. Northern Cascades - Skykomish, Lake Wenatchee, Stehekin, Lake Chelan This adventures begins with a morning of ground instruction in mountain safety, prior to our mid-afternoon departure for Skykomish State Airport. Next on our journey is Lake Wenatchee State airport, located about 30 miles east. Both stops are in preparation for the ultimate destination of Stehekin State Airport. Although some 35 miles to the north of Lake Wenatchee State, our journey will take us more than a hundred miles to ensure the safest route to Stehekin. Following our overnight at Stehekin, we will return home via a stop at Lake Chelan airport. Total Flight Time: 4.5-5.0 hours Central Cascades - Ranger Creek, Tieton, Easton, Bandera This adventures begins with a morning of ground instruction in mountain safety, prior to our mid-afternoon departure for Ranger Creek State Airport. After Ranger Creek, we will head to our overnight stop at Tieton State Airport, adjoining beautiful Rimrock Lake. An early-morning departure from Tieton finds us on our way to Easton State Airport, on to Bandera State and then back to our home base. Total Flight Time: 3-3.5 hours
Why choose Us?
  1. Weather
    Seasonal relocation between Washington and Florida that offers year-round training possibilities.
  2. Availability
    CubFlying.com is full-time, flight training business with 7-day a week scheduling.
  3. Experience
    With our dedication to flight education, each student is treated as a unique client with an individually tailored training program.